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Palm Group Asia specializes in Koh Samui Real Estate. Contact us at: Mobile: +66 (85) 795 - 9393 Phone: +66 (77) 961 - 991.


Over the past few years Koh Samui has enjoyed great success within its property market and an increase in demand for every type of property and there are plenty of local and international developers to choose from. These past five years the number of developments has dramatically increased specializing in everything from privately owned villas to projects can be found.

The island's expanding real estate market can result in teething problems amongst Koh Samui developers. Fortunately, as the property market matures, so has the standards and communication with some Developers on Koh Samui.

The result can be seen in the quality of craftsmanship and construction with relatively low building costs, making Samui a strong rival for any European property market in terms of return on investment and lifestyle.

Issues such as water, drainage and energy savings are to name but a few of the problems being solved. Legality of ownership along with finance both for Koh Samui developers and buyers are closely monitored and have more recently received an overhaul to promote more international investment into the Thai economy. Developers on the island now have a good selection of professional companies such as Lawyers, accountants and estate agents that support their growing industry.

With these steadily improving standards, an established service industry and growing professional support network for developers Koh Samui’s real estate market is thriving. Established Developers such as Palm Construction can manage your project from start to finish. From sourcing land and quality materials, implementing infrastructure such as access roads and water to construction and even off-plan sales.


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