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Palm Group Asia specializes in Koh Samui Real Estate. Contact us at: Mobile: +66 (85) 795 - 9393 Phone: +66 (77) 961 - 991.


Thailand has always been known as a popular holiday destination in Asia but with recent improvements to infrastructure and local amenities, it is climbing the ranks in resort destinations. Thanks to an all year round climate, choice of Koh Samui property and a quality service industry, retirees and expats are now choosing Samui for their second home and an opportunity to capitalize on the islands tourist potential.

Like most markets, the Thai property market has experienced a leveling off period from a slow down in foreign investors into the real estate market. But despite political uncertainty and ownership issues regarding foreign investment, the real estate market on Samui is still considered a strong one. There is more and more interest in Koh Samui property and becoming an attractive choice for holidaymakers and investors.

Koh Samui has plenty of high-end hotels and resorts with well known brands, so the island has always had a reputation of being a boutique island yet still attracts the back packers which is how Samui was first found.


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