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Palm Group Asia specializes in Koh Samui Real Estate. Contact us at: Mobile: +66 (85) 795 - 9393 Phone: +66 (77) 961 - 991.


Renovation or construction work may be something you need to consider on Koh Samui even if your property is relatively new. The quality of build on Samui can vary greatly and you may need a company to address structural, design or build flaws.  It could even be just normal wear and tear but whatever the issue Koh Samui has the network to provide a good solution.

Local and international companies can assist in problem solving but contractors usually have their preferred partners specialising in everything from landscape gardening, carpentry, interior design or pool repairs.

Any major structural changes to a property will require expertise and knowledge and it may be necessary to bring in the skills of a surveyor. Whatever your issues, there are Koh Samui renovation companies who are experienced in supporting the real estate market on Koh Samui and issues to a tropical island.


Palm Group Asia incorporates the following companies:



Koh Samui
Real Estate



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